Are you going thru a Storm in your life?


Here in Canberra we have had a number of storms over the last few weeks. Just prior to a storm the sky is full of beautiful colours, including reds, oranges, blues and greys. The storm itself makes it unpleasant to go outside. It makes the roads slippery and dangerous. Then in the afterwards of a storm the air is fresh and the garden comes to life.


  • Are there storm clouds brewing in your life?
  • Are you going thru a storm?
  • Are you coming out of a storm?


If storm clouds are brewing in your life then I would suggest that you find a way to either avoid the storm or find a place to shelter from the storm. Do not get caught outside without shelter because you were admiring the beautiful colours in the sky.

If you are in the middle of a storm, this from my experience, is the hardest time of any storm. It is unpleasant, uncomfortable and can even be dangerous. When in a storm I generally find shelter and plan a way to sit out the storm. Though hard at the time, I also remind myself that storms do not last forever.

When a storm is over the air is fresher and there is opportunity for growth. After experiencing a storm in my life, I find that the storm has often cleared some of the tension that existed prior to the storm. With the clearing of tension, I like to look at the opportunities that would be available into the future.


  • How can you shelter from a storm in your life?
  • How do you remind yourself that storms do not last forever?
  • How have you seized the opportunities after a storm?



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  1. 1. I reach out to friends and family 2.) brainstorm what I can do to prepare for the best outcome 3.) appreciate how far I’ve come and what I currently have: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually

  2. i think now i am in the middle of it. Still figuring out how to go out from it also.

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