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The other day someone asked me about my passions in life. One of my answers was adventure. I was then asked about what I meant by adventure…. I thought this was a good question as adventure can be different for different people. Adventure is a personal thing. For some people adventure is travelling to different countries and experiencing different cultures, for others it is doing activities like rock climbing or parachuting. Then for others an adventure would be to go back to studies and do a degree.

It got me thinking about what is adventure…. One definition of adventure is “an unusual and exciting or daring experience.” Hence this would be different for different people… Adventure is a personal experience. To me it seems that adventure is about getting outside one’s comfort zone and experiencing something new. For me this truly sums up adventure. Participating in activities that I have not done before. It adds to my life experience and my knowledge base, while at the same time helping me to overcome fears.


  • What is adventure for you?
  • Do you enjoy adventure?
  • What is your next adventure?



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About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. Sometimes “adventure” is unavoidable and all you can do is roll with it. I never sought it out in my life, but it has happened far more often than I ever could have imagined, or wanted.

    By my own definition even a house fire can be an “adventure,” but it rarely is seen that way at the time – it is more than an event, it is how one goes through an event, or a series of them, and then how you view it retrospect some time later after the changes have played out.

    The telling of your “adventure” stories later, with the humor born of perspective that comes with time, and an attitude of “Sometimes you just gotta laugh, or you’ll cry” can make even painful experiences like death fall in that category (I know, I’ve got one of those stories, too).

    If you choose to wallow in pain, regret, frustration or bitterness, your life is diminished by it and you lose the opportunity to grow and learn, and even to help others. It’s a perspective and a choice.

  2. I have experienced many “adventures” in life, but usually not by design. I define adventure as “Any experience that may be difficult, uncomfortable, inconvenient, frightening, or even dangerous, but makes for GREAT stories afterward.”

    • That is an awesome definition for adventure…. Can I steal it?

      • Absolutely. I have had many of those kinds of experiences, and they have always, sometime later, made for great stories.

      • What is the best story of n adventure that you have?

      • Ha ha ha! That would be hard to choose. Some were frightening, some anxiety ridden, some lonely, some full of surprises, a few that were very dangerous and risky, and some lasted for months – or longer!

        However, a grand adventure was when I was returning to the US after being away for many years. Actually, the entire series of events leading up to my departure, and every leg of the journey was and adventure that would make a many-paged story in totality that is quite astonishing, but the last leg was particularly amusing.

        This was in the mid 80’s when you would get your entire ticket and all boarding passes (with assigned seats) in advance. I was traveling alone, but I had been doing that for years, so I was no neophyte. I had arrived in LA and caught my next flight to Dallas and my final leg was supposed to take me to McAllen, TX in the Rio Grande Valley.

        For some reason our flight was delayed and we arrived in Dallas rather late, but there was still time to catch my flight. I looked at the board to see where the gate was located (it had changed) and realized I would have to run as they would be boarding very soon. I took off running. I arrived at the gate and was the last person getting on. I handed the woman my ticket with boarding pass and she looked at it and sent me down the ramp.

        I entered the plane, and it was fairly full, but I found my assigned seat with no delay and got ready to go. We pulled away from the gate and started to taxi for departure. The staff started the usual announcements and such and I was abruptly surprised to hear a destination named that was in Louisiana! I thought it over quickly, and realized that this was not likely to be a logical interim stop on the way because it was CLEARLY not ON the way and that there was a problem.

        I quickly hit the call button and got a flight attendant right away. I explained what was happening and showed my boarding pass. It was the right SEAT and the right CARRIER, but NOT the right FLIGHT! She ran to the cockpit, and the plane stopped dead on the tarmac.

        There then ensued a lively discussion of what to do with me – returning to the gate was not an option, it seemed, and letting me off on the tarmac wouldn’t work either, and by now I had clearly missed my connecting flight. They finally decided they would take me onto Louisiana, and since the same plane would be immediately returning to Dallas, they would take me back to Dallas and put me on a later flight to McAllen.

        They moved me up to First Class so that they wouldn’t lose me in when the new crew came on in Louisiana (and sort of a way to make up for the mistake in even letting on in the first place) and send a message that would be relayed to my father, who was waiting for me in Texas, that I would be late. I decided to just make the best of it and enjoyed my round trip First Class flight back to Dallas.

        In Dallas there was someone there to meet me at the gate and they put me in a cart of my own and escorted personally to my next flight and made sure that the next flight let me on and I made it to my destination. I found it funny and entertaining. My Dad has a quirky sense of humor and when they called him about this he said I wasn’t all that bright and to make sure that they got me on the next flight without it happening again. Oh, ha, ha, Dad!

      • That is awesome….. Such a cool adventure…. Travelling to places unintended.

  3. Not sure, if I like adventure. Maybe getting old or into menopause, just simple life is not a bad option for me, though it can be quite boring !

  4. Adventure is fun and exciting 🙂

    -Cherry Blossom-

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