Preoccupied with everything else in his life

The other day in the office there was a disconnect with a gentleman that works there. I observed a conversation where the two people were on completely different wave lengths. As we observed this interaction one of the other ladies in the office commented “preoccupied with everything else in his life”. The reality is that this is most likely the truth.

We are all preoccupied with everything else in our lives…. How many times have you had a conversation or discussion with someone and the two of you have been on different wavelengths? If you are like me, it is more often than you can imagine. I know recently that I had to talk with a staff member that was not performing at the level that they are capable of. In asking questions I discovered that there is a lot going on in their personal life.

So next time you are talking, discussing and tasking someone, think about are we on the same wavelength or are either of us preoccupied with life? I find that asking questions of the other person helps me to understand the preoccupations of the other person.


  • How do you understand the preoccupations of the people around you?
  • How do you work through the preoccupations of others?
  • How do you manage your preoccupations?



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  1. Depending on the circumstances and situation – How are you feeling today? How are you? How is life for you right now? Can be good questions. We just have to be careful not to come across as patronising, or unthoughtful, if we know life is not good for them.

  2. I communicate by trying to keep a new friendship alive, I introduce events and they say yes or no. But eventually becomes clear based on the plans we introduce to each other that we want different things. SO I have to start over 🙁

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