Asking the Right Questions

The asking of questions is a good way to gain knowledge and understanding. The asking of questions can help to clarify a point. Of course this is the case if the asker of the questions is doing so from a position of curiosity. It is important that questions are not used as a tool to pressure or push an opinion on someone. Being curious is the key to gaining knowledge and understanding.

However being curious is not enough…. We need to ensure we ask the right questions. This includes challenging assumptions. How many times have you been asked a question that has an assumption in it? When asked a question that has an assumption in it, it is hard to answer the question. When asking questions ensure that you do not have an assumption in it… Also ask questions to challenge the assumptions. Challenge assumptions to ensure they are grounded in fact. Challenge assumptions to ensure that they are correct.

Another point that I would like to add is to ensure that your questions open up conversations. I know when I ask a question that has a Yes or No answer it often leads to a dead end conversation. Instead of asking “Is this the case?” I am working on asking the question “What is the case?” The second question is more likely to increase my knowledge and understanding. It is more likely that I will discover something that I did not know.

Today I challenge you to review the questions that you ask…. I challenge you to ask open questions from a position of curiosity. I also challenge you to ask questions that test assumptions. With this curiosity and the right questions I am sure that we will develop our knowledge and understanding.


  • What type of questions to you ask?
  • Do you approach questions from a position of curiosity?
  • How do you challenge assumptions?



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  1. I fear I’m probably just as guilty as the next person when it comes to asking questions more to open the door to expressing my own opinion. It’s amazing how often we *begin* with curiosity but let ourselves be too insecure or impatient to genuinely listen to and consider the answers given, let alone converse about them. Thanks for a good reminder!

  2. I’m working on not showing my irritation when someone asks out of assumptions. I try to remember I’ve made them myself. With that being said, I’ve caught myself in the beginning of questions and re-phrased with an open ended question in order to get a conversation going.

    • That is great to hear….. It is frustrating when someone asks a question that is biased by an assumption…. I find that I need to take a deep breath and move the questions back to the root of the assumption.

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