Returning Home


The other week when we were returning home from from our week long army exercise there was a great sense of emotion that came over me… I felt these emotions in three ways:

  • Joy,
  • Satisfaction, and
  • Lost.

There was the joy of going home to see loved ones. When away on exercise you are away from the ones you love. They wait patiently at home while you are caught up with activities of the exercise.

There is satisfaction of getting in and doing the job well. Working together as a team on exercise you work crazy hours and do a bunch of tasks that is different to what I do in civilian life. Getting these tasks done, brings a sense of satisfaction in the outcomes and training.

There is lost. The lost is of the mateship you develop when serving together in the service. Out in the field no one person can perform their role without the support of others. There is a special mateship that develops when out in the field for a period.

It has been good to be home again, while at the same time we have the next exercise on the horizon. So I guess it is all about enjoying the moment and planning for the future….


  • How do you enjoy the moment, while planning for the future?



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  1. You must have read my mind. I’ve written a post that’ll come up in just a few days now on a very similar theme. 😉 I really do think you’ve said it so well here, too.

  2. I always have the joy and bored while getting back to home after a wonderful trip. first I feel good to sleep on my nad and back to my daily life and bored because of sayoy goodbye to all those nice days.

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