Time Away

It has been a very busy two weeks since my last blog post…. I was away on Army Exercises for ten days and then playing catch up at my job. This weekend I have been fortunate to have time away on my daughter’s scout group family camp. So yes, I am away from home again, however a lot more relaxed.

While I have been away I have learnt so much and had much come to mind. I will share some of my thoughts over the next few blog posts. However while away I was short some junior leaders and had to do the role of a Troop Commander for an Engineer Troop in the field. This was a great experience to get me back to basics and remember what is is like to be a Troop Commander. It has been many years since I have done this role, yet I have a number that report directly to myself.

I wonder how many of us move on and up in our careers and forget what is was like in our previous roles. As we do move up we often end up tasking people that are in our previous roles and yet we start to lose connection with the role. The ten days on exercise helped me to get back to a good understanding of a Troop Commanders role in the field. This will certainly help me with my planning and directing of engineer tasks for the the next few months of exercises. I am glad that I got this opportunity….

  • What roles have you done in the past that you may have lost understanding of?
  • What ways have these roles changed since you have done the role?
  • What is one way that you can get a better understanding of the role?

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