Structure or Free Flowing?


Today I attended a business meet up in Canberra. The meetup is one that I have been a part of for a while and have seen it change and adapt over time. The current organiser of the group, Cheug Yu, has really built the feeling of community in the group. Though meeting numbers are up and down over time, the group is a great place for business owners and developing business owners can come together. We support each other and learn from each other’s experiences.

One of the questions that the group continues to go back and further on is whether the meetings should be structured with an agenda or whether the meetings should be more free flowing. Currently the group after introductions tends to free flow…. This may seem to some people as a very disorganised way to operate. However in reality it seems to work best for this group.

The free flowing approaches allows the group without limitations to go deep on topics that would otherwise be glanced over. The free flowing approach also allows the group to be creative…. So all in all this group benefits from a free flowing approach. This is not to say that a free flowing approach works in all situations. But sometimes we need to allow for a free flowing approach….


  • What is one situation that you would benefit from a free flowing approach rather than a more structured approach?
  • How can you create a creative forum through a more free flowing approach?



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