Sleeping out for a Cause


I live in Canberra, Australia…. One of the most affluent cities in Australia. For the most part this is a good thing. Unfortunately there is another side to the city. Affluences means that housing is expensive and this results in Canberra having one of the highest rates of homelessness in Australia. This impacts many Canberrans.

When we mention homelessness most people think about the person sleeping rough on the street. This is only part of the story. There are the families that are having a challenge paying the mortgage or rent. Families that cannot afford to pay the bills and the rent….. Then there is the person, often with children, that is avoiding a violent partner and is sleeping on a friends sofa. The stories go on…

Through my work with Communities@Work, I have been fortunate to work with St Vincent de Paul Canberra/Goulburn to be organising the Canberra Community Sleepout on the 14 November 2014. The aim of the event is to raise money and awareness of the homelessness issue in Canberra. I have also registered to attend the event with some of my family to raise money for these two great organisations.

So, this is where I ask for your help…. Would you help with our fundraising by donating to our teams efforts. Money raised goes to both Communities@Work and St Vincent de Paul Canberra/Goulburn.

Donate to the team at or suport my daughter’s fundraising by clicking on Angela or Anna….

Thank you for your support….


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  1. I reblogged this because no matter where, help is always a good thing to give.

    Also, I’m not sure when we will get to Australia but hopefully we will stop somewhere near Cantberra… maybe Batemans bay or whatever moorage is a few hours away. 🙂

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    Even in the richest cities, there are those who are unfortunate…

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