First Time Nerves

Today my son did his Tae Kwon Do grading to go from white belt to yellow belt. It was good to watch all the trainees as they were going for the next belt all the way up to black belt second dan. The master instructor was good with all the trainees and very fair. There was one topic of discussion that I did find very interesting…. He let all the white belts know that though they are nervous, so are those going for their black belt.

It was a good message to give. Being nervous is a normal reaction and not something that should concern us. Whenever we are going to be assessed, having a new experience or not in our comfort zone then being nervous is normal. So if being nervous is normal, how can we channel our nerves into a positive outcome?


  • What have you been nervous about?
  • In what ways do you channel or overcome your nerves?

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  1. the first step has always been the hardest (in terms of being nervous). Having said that, it is the incremental step(s) that take you to the ultimate end. One step at a time, that is the key. Once you take the next step, the nervousness becomes less perceivable even though it would probably never go down to zero. Coping up with it becomes easier for the next one. Wish him all the best!

  2. He seems like a good instructor. Congrats to your son.
    Public speaking makes me very nervous, I haven’t been able to over come it yet. Lol one day I hope.

  3. Well done to your son, even taking my. 4th Dan black belt I was as nervous as all my grades before, plus even after 30 years of competing I was as nervous walking on for my last performance as I was my first. Now days I sit through grading s’more nervous for my students that I was for myself. Congrats again to your son, I hope he continues to enjoy it.

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