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Last week I attended my Children’s School for an awards ceremony. My son received a Community Award. Yes, I was very proud of him. He received the award for the way he happily helps out around the school. It was great to have the opportunity to be there as see him receive his award.

The Awards Ceremony was a celebration for the school of these students that had achieved during Semester 1. They recognised students excellent academic results, for doing a great effort in their students and also for being community minded around the school. In the Principal’s words every student has an opportunity to achieve an award.

There was great involvement from the student body in the ceremony, including the School Captains and the entertainment. I was very impressed with the themes throughout the ceremony. These themes included leadership, opportunity, service, excellence, community and professionalism. The awards were very much about expectations while also being understanding of each students needs.

Some thoughts I had during the Ceremony:

  • Do I have high enough expectations for myself and others I deal with?
  • Do I have a caring and understanding attitude towards others?
  • Am I there to support others to meet the expectations?

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  1. Congrats, you should be proud of your son!

  2. How great that your son happily helps out around the school! What a wonderful service to be recognised for!

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