What to Wear?

I have watched over the last couple of decades as the dress codes in many Australian workplaces has lowered. There was a time when wearing a suit for a male was the norm. Now in many workplaces many males are not even wearing a tie. Even I for a while slipped from wearing a suit every day to wearing jeans and a shirt to work…. I know hard to believe.

In recent times I have gone back to wearing pants, shirt and tie. What a difference it has made. People notice when you dress up. Most importantly I have felt more professional in my role and it creates a different attitude in myself. I know there are many people saying “in my workplace we are all casual”. I am not suggesting that for everyone dressing in a suit is the way to go. What I am saying is the way you dress impacts on the way you think about yourself and how others think about you.

The other key thing I hear is “that in my role and position in the organisation we can dress casual, if I was in a manger role then I would dress up”. Okay then, how do you think your bosses are going to view you. If you always dress casually then your bosses may have a hard time viewing you in a more senior role. Yes there are roles that require a certain dress due to the nature of the role, that is fine…. All I am just suggesting is that you dress, if possible, for the role that you want, not necessary the role you are in?

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Attila Ovari is passionate about life and thrives on empowering others, in particular when it comes to leadership. Attila has in excess of 17 years of experience in the private, government, not for profit and volunteer sectors. He also has formal qualifications in business, management, training and legal services. He is currently study towards his Masters of Business Administration. Attila’s sense of adventure has taken him around the world. His passion for travel includes a number of community projects in developing nations and he has conducted business on four contingents around the globe. Attila has a passion for speaking, writing, training, coaching and consulting individuals, teams and organisations to achieve greatness. Attila writes at his personal blog www.attilaovari.com, where you will find his contact details.

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  1. “All I am just suggesting is that you dress, if possible, for the role that you want, not necessary the role you are in?” Agreed! A professional, regardless of the career field, should always dress, think, and act one level above his pay grade.

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