Diet Makes a Difference

Each year I have my annual health check up with my doctor. As previously blogged this year I was found to not be in the best of health. In particular my cholesterol was high and my weight a little heavy. This triggered a care plan that the doctor made for me and put me in touch with a number of health professionals. The advice I received put me on a new track in terms of my diet. I was to eat healthier and take better care of myself.

Yes, I also was doing a regular exercise program and I also was getting more sleep as part of my changes, however the big change was my diet. I started eating more fish and less red meat. I was taking a round of vitamins and started looking at the ingredients list in the foods. I started eating less sodium (salt), less sugars and less saturated fats…. And what a great difference it has made to my health.

Last week I blogged about my trip to the doctor and how I lost weight and centimeters around my waist. Then I had to do some blood tests…. On Friday morning I saw the nurse to find out the results…. It was all good news. My cholesterol has come down to the health range and all my other results were good too. So now my care plan has ended and I have another 12 months before I go for my next health checkup.


  • Could your diet make a difference for you?


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  1. Great! Good for you… Yes it can, but bad food taste so and is so easy. I guess it’s all about self-control.

  2. Diet definitely makes a difference, subject to a healthy lifestyle.

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