Common Sense has gone out of Circulation

This last week I had the fortunate experience to have cuppa with my friend Mick. Whenever we meet, Mick always has many words of wisdom to share and this week was no different. As we sat and reflected on the world we live in, we were amazed at the technology that we have in our hands. In todays world it is easier than ever to communicate with people around the world. With applications like Facebook, Twitter, Skype and Viber we can communicate with and share messages, files and photos like never before. Combined with the the power of communications in our pockets (mobile phones) it has never been easier to connect with other people and stay in touch.

With search engines like Google we can find out information about just about anything in a few seconds. Do you remember when we used to go to the library to do research…. When is the last time you have stepped in the library? Do you remember when you used to have to look up an address and plot a course to get there? Nowadays we can just hit an address in our calendar on the phone and the phone will tell us how to get somewhere.

But with all this technology and all these applications are we really connecting? Are we smarter? Are we more in control of our lives? Well in discussions with Mick, it seems that in some cases we have thrown out the basic principles to living when these technology changes have occurred. It seems that common sense is being applied less and less, as we rely on technology. Or as Mick put it “Common Sense (Cents) has gone out of Circulation”.

I encourage you to reflect on your life and use common sense. Just because we have the power of information at our fingertips, does not mean that we have to stop thinking. Yes some things are easier…. However lets still use our brains and think…


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  1. All good points made both in your post and in the comments. The one that really gets me is when cashiers can’t figure out change without a machine. People these days don’t even know their own phone numbers! Kids can’t read cursive writing. All this technology is making us lazy. I’m afraid for future generations.
    Thanks so much for the follow – I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog, Attila. 🙂

    • Thanks Linda, We do live in a world with much change. I encourage my children to use technology, but also to learn skills that are not reliant on technology…. Like looking someone in the eye when you talk to them and how to shake a hand. These simple things I believe will place them in a better position for the future… Cheers Attila

  2. seems like smart technology is not necessarily making us smarter.

  3. I agree that common sense is becoming increasingly uncommon these days. Possessing and using the latest gadgets and applications is only a means to improving the quality of life. However, many people believe it is an end in itself. Thus, while they possess the latest gadgets and applications, they do not use these to really improve the quality of their lives.

  4. Great post Attila. I agree. We have been given brains and we still need to use them

  5. I agree that common sense is not common at all. At heart, I am a Luddite, but I have learned to use the computer. Still no cell phone or Ipad or any other gadget. Although I realize that we are beyond the stone age and technology is aroar and still going, my feeling has always been that the more technology, the less real human communication. I see people on their phones or texting, unaware of those around them, deaf and blind to real human contact. Mothers with their children in a restaurant, ignoring the children all through dinner because they’re busy talking on their cell phones. People wandering down the street, stopping dead right in front of you, totally unaware of your presence because they’re texting someone. Even more frightening are the drivers busy on phones or texting while they slow down at green lights and waver into nearby lanes.No common sense at all. Does technology dull the senses to the point of endangering relationships and lives?

  6. Beautifully put. It does seem that the easier it becomes for us to communicate and find information, the less we value and know what to do with it.


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