Rights or Shared Responsibilities

As I discussed in my blog post yesterday I talked about how on Monday night I attended a year 7 information night at my children’s high school. During the principals speech he talked about shared responsibilities. He talked about how the school focused on shared responsibilities rather than just rights. Expanding on the topic he talked about how there is an expectation in the school that it is a safe, caring and educational environment. While at the same time each and every student had a responsibility to also live by the schools values.

I am not sure about you, I am hearing a lot about rights these days. There seems to be less talk about responsibilities. Yes, I agree that there are basic rights that we should all have and in most western societies we seem to have it pretty good…. Okay there may be an exception, but overall. I know that there have been times that my children have demanded things as if they had a rights beyond their basic needs. For example internet access at all times…. However, in the past they have been reluctant to help out with unpacking the dishwasher or mowing the lawn. I am happy to say that as my children are reaching their teenage years, there tune has changed and they help out around the house.

You can call me old fashioned, however I believe that respect and responsibility is the first key to rights. Unless we actually respect each other and are willing to take responsibility for making things better then the rights of individuals are not going to improve. I am proud that the school is teaching values and responsibilities as part of it’s development of young people. I believe that when we respect each other and take personal responsibility then we will truly have a world where everyone’s rights are respected.

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  1. Responsibility and accountability seem to be vanishing traits these days, not just in schools but also in government and business. However, it all starts in the home, so that’s where we’ve got to work on restoring it.

  2. Brilliant insight into the psychology of human rights. As some privileges are given, they become viewed as civil rights by society who begin expecting them irrespective of their contribution.

    I like your suggestion of teaching respect and responsibility. Glad your children attend a school which has the forward thinking to identify the importance of these. Hope that more of the young generation will be instilled with these qualities necessary for a successful civilisation.

  3. Our students are very quick to demand their rights, with no concept that others have rights, as well – and that means the teacher too! Few are ever allowed to suffer consequences and so do not understand that they are responsible for their own words and actions.

  4. Hi Attila, I agree with you. As my children were growing up they too demanded for things that we thought were beyond their years. People around us thought we were pretty strict and our children had obligations to meet at home to help. Now that they are all adults, married with thoughts of having families they appreciate the basic foundations that we instilled in them. At times we have to be responsible before we can obtain the rights. Have a wonderful weekend


  5. I see most people believe in rights and responsibilities: their own rights and others’ responsibilities.
    “When we respect each other and take personal responsibility then we will truly have a world where everyone’s rights are respected.” Very well put! I agree completely.

  6. The argument about only paying for the healthcare of healthy people is logically flawed. Accidents and illness can happen to all of us, and aging most certainly will. Also, would you argue against funding healthcare for healthy people who climb mountains or ride bicycles in traffic or play football?

    • They are all very good questions…. This I guess in the problem with trying to put blanket rules across everyone. I know that my insurance costs is higher than most due to some of the activities I have chosen in my life. I accept this as my choice and pay addition premiums.

  7. Since parents are the first and primary educators, responsibility and manners should be taught at home. Too often today, students have a sense of “entitlement” that they demonstrate through rudeness and a lack of respect for each other and their teachers. That is when the teachers have to step in and do the parents’ job. Too often, parents want to be their childrens’ friend because they want to be liked. Kids have their own friends. What they need, and really want, is the guidance and tough love of a parent to teach them responsibility and respect.

  8. I think actual rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion (not necessarily from it – which is tricky), the right to protect one’s family, etc. get muddled with wants nowadays. Thus, your internet issue. Healthcare is one of those muddled wants because if you have a right to healthcare at my expense, I have a right to demand that you stay fit. That isn’t a right, it’s a want because in this country our rights aren’t granted by our government, we are born with them. The government has a responsibility to respect them according to the Constitution. In other words, if the government has to have a hand in providing it, it cannot be a right.

    • I think the example of healthcare is a classic in shared responsibility. Why would someone have to pay for a person’s healthcare if they do not look after themselves….

      Thank you for sharing

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