Communicate in Person – Great Advice from my Son

Last night I was dropping my teenage son at a friends place and we were talking about communication. My son had not responded to an email I sent him, so I challenged him about the best way to communicate with him. I suggested Social Media (Twitter, Facebook for example) or Skype….. I thought I was been cool and hip by suggesting these communication channels…..

My son advised me that he did not want me communicating with him using Social Media. I was a little taken back by this and asked “Why?” To this he responded in two ways, the first that it would not be cool and the second was that he was concerned about connecting to my social media. Apparently, I share too much on my blog and my son would like some internet distance….

So all I had left was to ask was “how do you want me to communicate with you then?” His answer may surprise you…. It certainly surprised me. His response was to talk to him in person…. Yes this came from a teenager. Hard to believe I know. After I recomposed myself, I told him I was impressed… It is good to know that he appreciates my conversations with him in his room each day.

So I ask you in an age of instant communications:


  • When is the last time you had a face to face discussion with the key people in your life?
  • Do you have face to face meetings at work or is it all virtual?
  • When is the last time you picked up the phone to talk with someone, instead of having a million emails going back and forth?


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  1. When we have face to face communications all of our senses are interacting (even smell!). It’s by far the best approach.

  2. I love his answer talk to him in person.

  3. first of all, I enjoy the way of ur writing. Secondly, teenagers are interesting and sometimes weird and it is cool! finally, we really need ti answer those three questions; thanks for bringing up them.

  4. Social media has given us so many modes of communication that it can be quite bewildering at times.

  5. Social media has given us so many modes of communication, that the choice can be bewildering.

  6. I always prefer face-to-face or, if necessary, phone over email and text. Texts are perfect for mundane stuff that doesn’t matter, an address or something. Anything that’s worth talking about gets the personal touch. That’s how I do it… Oh, and no social media.

  7. Great advice! Unusual from a teenager, though.

    At work, I prefer face to face discussions or telephonic discussions (followed by confirmation by email if necessary). Of course, in certain situations, I insist on email correspondence only so that everything remains on record.

    For personal interactions, I prefer face to face discussions or telephonic discussions.

    You may be interested in reading my post

  8. I still prefer communicating the old fashioned way face to face.

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