On the Farm

This week has been a great time for the family. We have spent the week on a friend’s farm. The children enjoyed working on the farm and helping out around the place. They also got to experience many things that you do not get to do in the city. For myself it has been great to be able to have the week off work and be able to spend some time doing activities that are not part of my normal routine.

The children have helped out by rounding up the sheep and cattle by day; they have helped out looking for foxes at night. They have also helped out with spraying the cattle and a number of other tasks around the property. Even some of the other farm activities like travelling around the property on a four wheeler, have been a novelty for the city children.

Though farm work can be very hard work and the children have been very tired each day, they have each had a great time. The experience has taken them from their comfortable city lives to a new experience. They not just got fresh air, they also learnt a little about farm life. Something that I think city folk could learn a lot from.

The children have really enjoyed the lambs, there are newborns everywhere and they wanted to take a lamb home as a pet…. However lambs grow up and a sheep is not what we need in the back yard. I certainly look forward to the next time that the family spends some time on the farm. It is a great holiday for the children.

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  1. I hope you’ve all had a Happy Easter down on the farm!

  2. Can only try to understand the joys of farm life from you. There ain’t any places for a farm in my area. The thought of being closer to nature, facing animals such as dogs, chickens, cows, horses sounds great to me. Wish you Happy Easter!

  3. Great. An activity like that is not only healthy, it opens up one’s mind too. Kids should appreciate that things they take for granted come only after someone else has put in a lot of hard work.
    When I visit my village, it is like going back to roots.

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