Testing my Fitness

Last weekend I did a fitness and swim test. I used this tests as a gauge on my fitness levels. As you may be aware I have been on a health kick in recent times. I am eating healthier (with more improvements to come), sleeping more and have been exercising more. Though I am not the fittest person, I am fitter than I was three months ago. After all fitness and health is a not a competition with others, it is a competition with self.

Last year I did not look after myself. I did not exercise regularly, had little sleep and gained a fair amount of weight. My pants started to tighten around my waist and I knew that I had to do something about it. So for the last two months, I have been walking the dog (he was getting fat too), exercising regularly, sleeping more and eating healthier.

The results were clear. My fitness test was easier to do and I achieved results at a level that I have not done for years…. I still have a way to go and my weight is still a little high, but I am on track….

  • Are you neglecting your health?
  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • Do you eat healthy?
  • ?

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  1. I exercise regularly and eat quite healthily, the only thing is I’m still struggling to get enough sleep!

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