Farewell 2013

As the year comes to an end…. A family dinner at the Denman, fireworks in Thredbo and a party for all… What a great year it has been. Yes there have been the challenging times, however 2013 has been a great year…

From a work and business perspective, I have achieved some good outcomes and implemented a number of projects across my various roles. The family has had a great time away over the Christmas – New Years period…. All the children have done well at school in 2013. So, all in all a good year. There has been some challenges…. Time and balance in life have not been in balance in 2013. My sleep, fitness level and relationships have not been given the attention they deserve… Something to work on next year.

So what about 2014…. In the work and business spectrum I am looking forward to growing further through achieving key outcomes in all my roles. I am also on a personal level looking forward to maintaining a good level of sleep and an exercise program. Also on a personal level I am looking forward to continuing to blog and expand into podcasting…. Stay tuned for more….

So reflecting forward, 2014 is full of possibility and opportunity…. There will be challenges and I look forward to overcoming the challenges, so that in 12 months time we can once again celebrate the achievements of 2014…

  • What have been your achievements in 2013?
  • What challenges did you have to overcome in 2013?
  • What do you have planned for 2014?

About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is passionate about life and thrives on empowering others, in particular when it comes to leadership. Attila has in excess of 17 years of experience in the private, government, not for profit and volunteer sectors. He also has formal qualifications in business, management, training and legal services. He is currently study towards his Masters of Business Administration. Attila’s sense of adventure has taken him around the world. His passion for travel includes a number of community projects in developing nations and he has conducted business on four contingents around the globe. Attila has a passion for speaking, writing, training, coaching and consulting individuals, teams and organisations to achieve greatness. Attila writes at his personal blog www.attilaovari.com, where you will find his contact details.

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  1. Congratulations on 2013! Hopefully, 2014 will be even bigger for you!

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