Church Bells in the Valley

Yesterday evening there was a church service in the chapel at Thredbo. For about half an hour prior to the service the Church bells rang throughout the valley. The Church bells rang down the valley, echoing off the mountains. It is a beautiful sound and one that I do not hear often in Australia.

In Australia I think due to the distance from my local Church and also that most Churches do not ring the bells for long, if at all, it is rare to hear the Church bells ring. So it is nice to hear the Church bells ring in Thredbo.

With Thredbo being nested in the bottom of a valley it is also a unique sound to hear the way the Church bells bounce off the mountains. It is certainly one of the few places in Australia that this is possible.

The Church bells are definitely one of the aspects of Thredbo that I look forward to each trip….


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  1. Aah, the simple things! It’s been a while since I heard a rooster crow! When you have a sweet craving try this Oreo Tower Cheesecake recipe by yours truly: or just to show support

  2. I think you are right. We don’t hear church bells here either. It’s a sound we always enjoy immensely when we travel to Europe, except when they start ringing at 5am on a Saint’s day.

  3. Happy Holiday to you Attila, when I visit one of my cousins in Northern Italy on Sunday mornings the Church bells ring for quite some time. They village is quite small but there are about 5 different churches. When they are all ringing it is simply beautiful to listen to.

  4. Well, if you like church bells so much, you should come to my place some time. Every day at 7, 12 and 18 they bells are ringing for five minutes. All I can think of at those times is that Shelrock Holmes once shot his door bell, because it annoyed him too much. I wonder what he would have done with church bells…. Maybe just move to a place not that close to a church. 😉

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