Overlooking Thredbo

Over the last few days, we have travelled up and down the chairlift a number of times. The view from the top is beautiful and there is also the great food and drinks at the Eagle’s Nest Restaurant at the top. However the greater joy of the experience has not been the views, the cuppas (some would say I drink too many cuppas), or the food. The greater joy has been the trip up to the top… The journey…

The journey is an experience up in the air travelling through nature. Watching the birds flying around. Seeing the change in vegetation as we get closer to the top of the chairlift. Seeing the old burnt out sections of the mountain from the fires a decade ago and observing how the new growth is yet to catch up to the old burnt out trees. And the breeze on the face as the wind picks up towards the top…

Then there is the man made features of the area. This is highlighted on the way down as the whole of Thredbo village, nested in the valley below, opens up. Thredbo is a cute little village that reminds me of some of the villages in Europe. Ohhh… the memories. Then there is the mountain bike trails all over the mountain, all with a large number of riders that are using the trails today…

It is certainly a lovely day to be out overlooking Thredbo…

About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is passionate about life and thrives on empowering others, in particular when it comes to leadership. Attila has in excess of 17 years of experience in the private, government, not for profit and volunteer sectors. He also has formal qualifications in business, management, training and legal services. He is currently study towards his Masters of Business Administration. Attila’s sense of adventure has taken him around the world. His passion for travel includes a number of community projects in developing nations and he has conducted business on four contingents around the globe. Attila has a passion for speaking, writing, training, coaching and consulting individuals, teams and organisations to achieve greatness. Attila writes at his personal blog www.attilaovari.com, where you will find his contact details.

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  1. We are heading to Cooma for a few days next week and I’m hoping that we spend a day in Thredbo. I love chairlifts so it will be a must do.

  2. Beautiful! It’s wonderful when we are AWARE!

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