Today has been a full on day…. It has been a beautiful day…. The sun was out, the birds were singing and the mountain air was fresh. This morning there was a quick run around Thredbo, followed by a walk and then a chairlift up to the top for lunch. In the afternoon there was the bobsledding and then a swim in the pool…. Not sure we could fit much else in….

However on getting back to the apartment, there was time for a spa…. There is always time for a spa. As I started to run the spa the weather changed… There was thunder and lightning, followed by hail and rain…. Sounds like a good time to be inside and enjoying a relaxing spa…. I enjoy a good thunderstorm, when I am indoors.

There is something about thunder and lightning that in my mind is refreshing…. It is like the air is being cleansed and a good thunderstorm reminds me of the power of nature. How much power is there in one lightning strike? What about the boom of clap of thunder? Being indoors and watching a good thunderstorm is a relaxing experience for me…. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Both the weather and human life are as unpredictable. Do enjoy every moment. Wish you a Happy 2014!

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