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The other week at a Christmas function we had a discussion about toilet paper… Yes, Toilet Paper. It was an interesting discussion… Not sure how it started, however we covered some important points about toilet paper. Key areas of discussion were the thickness or ply and the texture.

At home I buy 3 ply toilet paper which is soft on the bottom. Comfort when it come to toilet paper is important to me. Also the extra thickness (3 ply versus 1 ply) means I use less toilet paper and hence it is not as expensive as it may seem. How many times do you go to a public toilet that has 1 ply toilet paper and so you use four times as much toilet paper? I know I do….. Then there is the comfort level…. The 1 ply toilet paper in public toilets can be like sandpaper… very rough on the bum.

So when looking at a purchase, do you look at the price of something and go for the cheapest? or do you look at the quality and go for the best? or do you go for a combination in order to find the best value for money for you?

Each person’s value for money will be different. We value different things. In the case of toilet paper I value soft, but thick toilet paper. Others will have a different criteria to judge by. Also then there is the lowest price is not always the most economical.

What is it that you seek in your toilet paper?

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  1. I find it interesting that the worst types have the most mismatched names. For example Softex should be renamed Scratchex!

  2. I agree with you – 1-ply is not worth the savings!

  3. I usually go for the best price BUT I get at least 2-ply. 3-ply here in Canada is quite expensive. Even though I agree that 3-ply is great, I still have to see if it’s septic -friendly,biodegradable,etc.

  4. I always choose the soft expensive stuff. However, I would bet the lady in the following story I’m linking to wished she had used any type of toilet paper before she sat on a public toilet.

  5. I usually go with the nice version of the off brand or name brand on sale.

  6. For something as important as the butt tape, I always opt for opulence (same with bikes). It depends on the item and how well I need it to work though.

  7. Lol! You’d be surprised…this argumentative topic popped up in my own class. TP: Cultural Phenomena 😉

  8. Softness, translucency, and enough tensile strength to hold together for the task at hand. I usually assume that, if it’s transparent, it ain’t strong enough.

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