Excuse or Reason

Excuse or Reason

Today I was thinking about the way we make up excuses. When have you made up an answer to a request or question? Given an excuse, instead of a reason? I know I have and do at times. I had an example today. When one of the directors in the office asked how I was… I answered awesome. (so far all truthful). Then we joked about how today being a Monday leaves a week of opportunity to work on things. (still all truthful). Then the director joked about how weekends get in the way and we should work straight through. I agreed and then said, I did not have an alarm code and could not come in. (now we are both joking).

Even through the case above is the two of us joking around it does highlight how we often make up excuses rather than give the real reason. Can you relate to giving an excuse for something rather than a reason? I will give you a hint that if you have to think about the answer then it is likely to be an excuse and not a reason. I know, as I have been in this position many of times. That said there are many reasons that we give an excuse instead of a reason. These reasons include:

  • It can be Easier
  • It can be Quicker
  • Not wanting to get into the details at that point in time
  • Avoiding issues
  • Not wanting to hurt people’s feelings

This is not a judgement of right or wrong, that is something for you to choose. Different people will have a different line in the sand for what is right or wrong. However I will challenge you to ensure that you do not to give an excuse for short term gain that causes long term pain.

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