The little things can irritate

There are some people that are detailed people and there are others that are big picture people. Ideally we need to be able to do both at different times. When inspiring people to go on I find it important to focus on the big picture and how this will impact positivity on the team. However I have also learnt that is it the details and the little things that will destroy morale in a team.

Today was a day that this was demonstrated to me very clearly… I have had red eyes for a couple of days and there did not seem to be any improvement each day. Though it was not a painful experience, it was irritating. So I ended up at OPSM today to get an Optometrist to check my eyes out. The Optometrist did a number of checks on my eyes and found the issue…

The issue was that I had a curled eye lash on each eye and was touching my eye ball. These two eye lashes were irritating my eye, causing the discomfort and also redness. Go figure, something so small caused the issue. How many times in our life do the little things irritate us?

What are the little things that irritate you?
Can you fix the issue so it goes away?
Is the issue something that you should let go of?

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Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. I agree with the other commenters on the big picture and small details. However, some things that bug a person can be turned around to creat good for others. Like an oyster turning a grain of sand into a pearl, inventers have turned problems into solutions.

  2. Looks like we think very much alike! Thanks for following me and I’m now happy to do the same!

  3. Attila Ovari – As I read this post, it struck a chord which is expressed by my Grandfather in my post today. He is writing a letter to his oldest son, during World War II, regarding his recent engagement. — “Of course all marriage, to some extent, is a gamble — each one, after the rosy clouds of the honeymoon disappear to permit a clear view of the other fellow in all his humanness, finds it a bit hard to give up some of his cherished ideas, which each must be prepared to do, to fit smoothly into a joint working partnership”
    To forge any kind of relationship – personal, or professional – we must be willing to give up the little,insignificant irritants to create a joint working partnership.
    I don’t know how you found my blog but WELCOME. I hope you continue to enjoy the stories. I’ll be exploring your site further.

  4. Nice Post, thank you! I think for planning it is important to have the big picture in mind but when we do something to reach the big picture, at least while doing a particular thing we need to focus on it and forget about the big picture for a moment to get the right level of detail and feel the importance of our small activity.
    Second thought is that if you are irritated at work, e.g. because your colleague always bloats his nose like a trumpet, you have always two choices: change yourself or change the world. Often, it is easier to change yourself, e.g. taking a seat at another desk or pluggin in some headphones to your laptop. But what you should always avoid is blaming the world. Blaming the world never changes anything but makes you losing the power for change.
    Looking forward to hear more thoughts on that!
    May the force be with you,

    • Chris,

      I agree with you… Both big picture thinking and focusing on changing yourself are both key attributes for success.

      I would add that big picture is required for success and detail is required for avoiding failure, so both skills are important. Within your team you need to ensure that this is covered.

      With respect to changing oneself, I also agree that you can only change yourself. I would also add that sometimes it is better to leave the situation and go else where, where the team is better synced.

      Thank you for sharing your wise comments.



      • Thank you Attila, I’m feeling much older now you called that nearly 23-year old boy wise (or my comments) 🙂 You can put it also in other words: You can only win if you know where to go (big picture). But if you don’t know how to move your feet step by step (detail), you will probably never arrive.
        For leaving the situation, I believe that things that are meant to be fit and feel much better than things that are not meant to be and that you have to force to stay. Adding the phrase that every thing has its time (or times), you only need to know where you would like to go and watch out for doors that open. And maybe you will arrive but probably your goals will change on the way because you develop and your environment changes. There is a cool book available called “Stop to work – a call to do the things that really matter”. But I think it’s only available in German… But it really tought me a lot and confirmed some of my before vague thoughts about life.

        Cheers & Thanks again for this cool blog.


      • Chris,

        Thank you once again for some great comments. Life is an adventure and it is there to live, which I see you certainty are….



  5. hehe, this seem to me as a rather big irritation (the eye lash) ;). Anyway, a nice post to stir a moment of thought …

  6. hehe, this seems to me as a rather big irritation 😉 … anyway, nice post

  7. In a team , we should always have both..those who look at the big picture for they got a vision..and the group who got an eye for details..without which vision would be a dream only..

  8. Yes, it is beneficial to our inner being to not judge and forgive – We need to be cognizant of this all the time

  9. I am pleased that you found the answer to your issue – GO WITH THE FLOW!!!!

  10. Political drums being beat on Facebook really bugs me. Like putting up 56 political posters is going to change anyone else’s mind.

  11. It’s surprising how some habits of people can irritate us to no end. I guess we need to ignore these and not let small irritants ruin the big picture!

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