Is there a Skills Shortage?

Today I popped into one of the hospital’s here in Canberra to visit my father in law and I heard that they were short staffed. I have worked in Children Services and Aged Care and hear that there is a lack of qualified staff there too. There is talk in rural areas that there is a lack of professionals. There is even an Australian Government website listing the professionals for which there is a skills shortage (

I was thinking today two thoughts…

  • Firstly, how are we actually keeping schools, hospitals, aged care facilities, etc open with the skills shortage and what does the future look like?
  • The second thought was that we are always talking about how we are losing jobs to technology and outsourcing overseas. Is this really the case? And why do we still have a skills shortage?

I am sure there or economists and also workforce planners outside there that will be answer and model these questions and why we are where we are. So, future wise it seems that we either will have a drop in service due to a lack of staff, we will have to pay more for the services that we receive, there will need to be a population policy to match our skill shortage needs or technology will help us to bridge the gap.

I am curious about this topic and have some questions for you:

  • Is there a skills shortage in your area? What area are you in?
  • What is being done about skill shortages in your area?
  • What do you think the future will hold?

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  1. Wow – well, I work in the medical field – have for the past 18 years … yes there is a shortage. In our area of the medical world they have cut positions in the name of “budget constraints” but I really think, for an organization that falls under “non-profit” w/ a branch of profit – and 47 executives that receive bonuses yearly and a still make “millions” in the yearly reports for the facility, that they are seeing how low they can run the departments and still maintain function. It is the way of the world – run it low until there is cause to reevaluate a need.
    We come in and do our job because our patients are the primary concern, always. I can’t say, “Fk it, not doing it, because that patient on the table matters to me and they are trusting the safety of their life in our hands, ignorant of the “interior issues”.
    As for the future, medicine is “ebbs and flows” but that being said, the future is dim. With hospitals pushing to “own” doctors, insurance companies dictating the procedures they will approve and find necessary and an economy that is struggling to employ therefore forcing a hand to socialized medicine – the future is definitely not in my favor.

    • It is sad when organisations chasing the dollar do not invest back into the people or into the staffing levels. Too many times there is a focus on minimum numbers or ratios of staff. I have in the past increased the fees of services in order to invest back into the services both in staffing and in capital for repairs and renovations. I think that most people would prefer Quality service and Quality products, than just cheap goods and service.

  2. Valid points and valid questions. In this country it appears to be a combination of cut-backs and poor wages. That said, there just don’t seem to be that many people who want to be in the care industry. Great post by the way! 😀

  3. Hello Attila, Relative to medical, there is an acute issue with the lack of skills. I live in east Tennessee and its almost impossible to find a doctor, specifically if you are on Medicare. My medical practitioner is a PA. That’s as close as I could get and U am happy I got that far. I have been relying on walk in clinics. Great post. Take care. Bob J.

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  4. I think it could be a budgetary issue. It always seems that everything comes down to the last dollar these days, instead of being about the welfare of our children in schools, the care of patients in hospitals and even the dangerous state of our roads.

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