Boosting Personal Energy

Last weekend our dogs were groomed and it became clear that Sparkle, Angela’s Labradoodle, is overweight. He was not getting enough exercise and we have also reviewed his diet. This has led to 6am starts most mornings so that Angela and I can walk Sparkle. It has been hard getting up in the morning and get out the door, however I have noticed some changes during this week.

Firstly, Sparkle and Angela are a lot better at doing the walk. On Monday they were both very tired. Today they did the walk without an issue. I also noticed at certain times during the walk Sparkle gets a second wind. The second wind tends to hit when he sees other dogs or other people, at certain trees that he likes to piddle on and also when getting close to home. This got me thinking that we can control our Personal Energy Levels. Another benefit has been that I am drinking last coffee to stay focused.

So what drives your personal energy up?
What do you do when you need to push on and are tired?
How do you live your life that improves your energy levels?

My thoughts are that we do have the capacity to increase our Personal Energy levels through some temporary methods and also with some lifestyle choices. Listed below is a short list that I have come up with:

Enthusiasm – Your enthusiasm will improve your personal energy levels. In the long term living your life with passion, in alignment with your values and for a purpose will improve your energy levels.

Fitness – Though in the short term exercise will tire you out, in the long run being fit will increase your Personal Energy levels.

Fresh Air – Ensuring that your body gets fresh air will also lift your energy levels. Have you ever been in a meeting falling asleep in a stuffy hot room and then walked outside and got some fresh cool air. The Fresh Air gives you an instant hit of energy.

Healthy Eating – Eating the right foods and eating regular meals will also increase your Personal Energy levels. I experience this when I skip a meal or have a meal later than normal. I get little tired, however when I do then eat a proper meal I become more alert and energetic once again.

Sleep Right – Many people do not get the right amount of sleep. Getting too little sleep leads to tiredness, lack of alertness and lack of energy. However getting too much sleep can also lead to tiredness, lack of alertness and also a lack of energy.

Stimulates – Stimulates such as Caffeine can also increase energy levels. For example I am writing this while drinking a cup of coffee. That said many stimulates will work in the short term and then lead to a crash later. Also the overuse of stimulates can cause permanent damages to one’s health.

What other methods do you use to  increase your Personal Energy levels?
How does your lifestyle help you to maximise your Personal Energy levels?
What long term healthy changes will you make to maximise your Personal Energy Levels?


About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. Needed boost to get me up and out. Thanks for the kick!

  2. I would like some sun with that fresh air 🙂

  3. WHat do you do? you bark. Me I scream!!

    • lol… I think that we all need a way to release tension. We just need to be careful that we do not hurt people in that process.

      • Just can’t always avoid that. But people can work to make others less sensitive. A little diplomacy can go a long way. If they are hurt, refer them in a direction where they might not be. That is where you come in. A comment of having other places to go. With my office that is not an option. The more like yours the better.

      • Very true. When people are involved and most of the time they are… there is also many different perceptions and thoughts on the way that things should be…

  4. Humorously enough, caffeine and stimulants have the opposite affect on those with ADD and ADHD. Exercise works the best at increasing the PEL.

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