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This past weekend was a long weekend here in Australia. Saturday was Australia Day which is our National Day. I am truly proud to be an Australian and our way of life. Over the weekend we took the opportunity to go camping as a family. Through the families involvement in scouting the children have each had some experience with camping. However this was the first experience of camping as a whole family. To this end we had a practice in the week prior in setting up the tent and also spent some time in preparation.

So the day came… Preparation started with packing up the equipment, checking the weather, sunset/ sunrise times, bushfire situation and if there was any fire bans. After some last minute shopping trips for supplies we were off. It was getting late and as we drove out of Canberra it started raining. Did I say rain? It was not rain it was a storm. Not the best weather for setting up a tent. Should we go home or should we go on? What would you do?

Well we are not one to give in so we pushed on. That said we only pushed on as it was safe enough too and we still expected to have fun. To this end we decided to stay in a cabin in a tourist park for the night in the town of Jindabyne close to our proposed campsite. This ensured that we could move on to our campsite in the morning without cancelling our whole camping trip. After a good night’s sleep we headed for the mountains.

On arrive at the campsite at Island Bend the children all got stuck in to setting up the camp. For the children it was a learning experience. We covered off basic camping skills, navigation skills and some camp cooking. All in all the children had a great time and I am glad that we did not let the weather effect our weekend. We all learnt about dealing with change, the natural environment and having fun without technology.

Have you been in a situation where circumstances changed that are outside of your control?
Did you cancel your activity due to the change in circumstances?
Could you have taken a third option and still have achieved your expected outcomes?

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  1. I’ve been in lots of those situations. Sometimes it is good to trudge forward. The situation is not always as bad as it seems. 🙂 Hey, who wouldn’t want to go camping with an experience scout. 🙂

  2. We were evacuated from our camping spot at Cave Beach because of fires but he upside was we ended up staying at a lovely holiday house of a friends at Hyams Beach instead!

  3. When you mentioned scouting, it reminded me of when I was a kid, my parents were heavily involved in scouting, and they got to know people all over the world, including a family from Australia. I forget their names, but the son’s name I remember…Gavin. Anyways, we were pen pals with them and every year at Christmas, they sent us a tape of her talking and telling us what was going on with their family, and we exchanged gifts that had something to do with our nation. For instance, one year they sent in the package of gifts a change purse that was made out of Kangaroo fur. It was a really neat, family experience. God bless you.

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