Have you done your homework?

Just when you thought you were out of school and do not have any more homework, I may have some bad news for you. Personal and professional development is a lifelong activity. Though this will be no surprise to you…Each week I listen to a podcast called the Daily Boost and the presenter always starts with the question have you done your homework?

Recently, it really hit home to me why it is so important to do your homework. I have recently taken on some coaching clients in leadership and management and when I went in for one of the sessions this month, the client had completed all their homework. I was enthused about this and it showed me that the client was serious about developing their leadership skills.

So have you done your homework?
Have you set homework?
How enthused are you when you complete your homework?

So what should the homework be? For me the homework is about setting a task, which is in line with one’s mission and purpose. Each week I aim to achieve at least one task that moves me towards my mission and purpose. This can either be done in consultation with a spouse, business partner, coach or by one’s self. The advantage of setting the homework in consultation with someone is that they can help you remain accountable.

So one last question for you….. Have you done your homework?


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  1. insightful point! but in my opinion, the type of homework somehow changes as we age – perhaps due to the education system. In schooling we often come across with homework that we do not want to do, but have no choice. I suppose as we grow older, we get to choose our homework instead, just like what you said, “in line with one’s mission and purpose”. Just my humble opinion 🙂

  2. Good point, as soon as one is out of school, we feel that we are done & dusted as regards homework is concerned. But that is only the beginning.

  3. Great post!I am currently unemployed and I try to participate in online courses relevant to my field of study.This makes me feel that I constantly develop my professional skills and it is very rewarding. So, yes I do my homework.

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  5. This is such a great idea! Lots of people have rough ideas of what they want to achieve, but don’t set any specific tasks to help them get to their goal. Setting homework would feel a lot more urgent and provide motivation to actually get up off your backside and do something about it! Great post 🙂

  6. Yup, sure have. Nice post.

  7. I really enjoyed this, thank you for posting. In answer to your question let’s just say I’m still working on my homework. I too have set my task; now to chip away at them one by one.
    Thank you for following me.

  8. “Personal and professional development is a lifelong activity” True! Good Job!

  9. great reminder Attila. Funny play of words for me. I work from home, have house work http://wp.me/p2M5uA-a1 and yet have homework to do.thanks for the reminder.

  10. I am actually doing homework.I have to study to freshen up my writing skills, research for each book, and I am also working on a schedule to organize my time and sharpen my focus. so far so good.

  11. good blog for thinking about our life

  12. I’ve definately been doing the homework.

  13. Sometimes the home work is scary. You have to do it to make the grade.

  14. Thanks for following my blog! I am very inspired after reading yours!

  15. We must be in sync Attila! I took a short break from my homework to read your blog & what a nice reminder to stay on focus my task & be well prepared for my Toastmasters speech tomorrow 7am.

    Now onto task number two, my MBA homework.

    Have a great week!

  16. Good feeler. One has to do his home work well.

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