What happened to $2.00 Rides?

This afternoon I was in the fortunate position to spend some time with three of our children. Kim was conducting a workshop for an Early Education and Care Centre on Reflective Practice. I am bias, but she did a great job from what I hear…. Anyway, back to the children. While Kim was conducting the workshop the children and I went down the mall to get some basic shopping done.

We had a great time…. Sorted out the shopping very quickly and then onto the important stuff. So what is the important stuff you ask? For the children it is was the Bungy Trampoline and then looking at Art Supplies, Video Games, the Electronics store and then Toys’R’Us. What more could a child ask for?

The children all had a great time on the bungy trampoline. They each got to do a backflip, though it seemed to be hard work for each of them to achieve this. Anna certainly made a lot of noise during the process. Well I now know what Angela wants for her birthday…. I learnt a lot about art supplies and discovered Angela’s passion for painting. As for electronics, what child or adult does not like them? Attila spent too much time on the demo game console.

As this was all occurring I started to wonder as I viewed the little child ride in the mall. The ride was $2.00….. The bungy trampoline was $10.00….. I guess this is one of those additional costs as the children grow. The children had a great time. It was a special time with the children and though not planned the day turned out to be a great day.

What special moments do you have with your children?
Have you found that sometimes the unplanned activities end up being the most special?

To video the Videos of the children on the Bungy Trampoline on my You Tube Video Click Here….

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  1. I had a lovely day at the beach with my daughter who adores catching the waves although she did her best to convince me I should take her to an amusement park which charges a $45 entry per person. I guess advertisers know how to sell and convince our children its worth paying the dollars. On reflection some of the best times spent with my daughter have been spontaneous and for free. I agree with you though its all about having fun, having a great experience and yes as our children grow so does the cost.

  2. Oh wow 10 bucks for a jump! Wow! Glad you had a good day with them though that’s priceless. My grandson turns 7 Sunday so tomorrow he gets to spend the night finally. We will make his favorite dinner, and of course bake a cake or cupcakes together for the family. Of course My older granddaughter 9 decided she needed a night too so she stays Friday night (tonight) Next week is rinse and repeat for my older grandson on Saturday he turns 12

  3. All moments I get to spend with my children are special. When you divorce, no matter whose fault it is, the children always end up being hurt one way or another. I cherish my time with my children, as infrequent as it is.

    If I had to pick one thing that stands out the most it would have to be watching their faces as I take them to the theater.

    The spontaneous activities are always a joy and memorable. To see the look of boredom from the ride to the excitement of the activities is worth more than any amount of money!

    • So very true,,, The money is certainly worth the joy… I am sure though there is many free activities that we can chose when on a tight budget

      • I agree.

        Though I try not to think about money…I stick to a budget, but my budget has wiggle room if you know what I mean. 😉

        My point is to cherish all time with children…try to make all things memorable! Before you know it they are off to college. Don;t get me wrong..we then can sit and discuss world affairs over a snifter of brandy or a dram of Scotch like my dad and I do, but that’s not the same. Childhood memories are those things that stick with us through out our lives, those things that we turn to at times when we need a laugh or sometimes when we need a bit of comfort.

  4. I actually just checked every keyboard in the house and none of them had the cent symbol. I never noticed that.

    I think the unplanned activities do feel more special because there is a sudden spontaneity to the event. As an adult, I find that without planning, I have to adopt a more child-like adaptability to the situation. It is almost like an emotional regression for me. My son is three, so this typically involves him running down the block and forcing me to chase him around. Actually, a lot of the spontaneous activities involve me chasing him, but I’m guessing that’s what a three-year-old does.

    • Ohhhh…. The three year old chase…. I remember that. In fact I was watching it at the mall yesterday as a little one was running around and through barriers that his mum couldn’t….. He was loving it….

      • My son tried that once at the mall during Christmas time when my wife and I looked away for a second. He nearly made it into a crowd of people, but I ended up scaring everybody by screaming his name. Only my son and mall security were amused by the incident.

      • Lol…. Children they are such treasures….. We love them and they also bring us so much running around

  5. they went out the window along with the good morals we were brought up with

  6. Sounds like a good day for all!

  7. Wow, that’s expensive! My son enjoys that bungy thing too.

  8. All right guys, come around the world to Story City, Iowa. We have an antique carousel. $1 a ride. Totally worth the trip! 😀 I totally get what you are saying, though! I think our rides at our mall are at least $1 for the ones that either go and up down or shake.

  9. What ever happened to the 50 cent rides? LOL In fact what ever happened to the cent sysmbol on my key board? Gone! Keep enjoying those moments!

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