What can you Handle?

Have you ever felt that there is too much happening in your life?
Does this lead to stress in your life?
What are the positive benefits of being under pressure?

It has been a busy week in the office this week. In my new job that I started late last year there has been much to do… Some days this week it has seemed that there is too much to do and take in. During the week there is a quote that has kept popping into my head:

“God will not give you more than you can handle.”

That said this does not mean that life will be comfortable….. There are times when you will be stretched and put under pressure. Certain stress is actually good in one’s life and has a positive impact. A life without some stress lacks a purpose or direction.

When under pressure and outside your comfort zone you will be in a position to learn, grow and develop. Once again this will not be an easy process, however we often learn more when under the pump than when we are lazing around. To take full opportunity of the development opportunities you will need to approach the challenges with a positive attitude and a desire to grow and develop.

When under pressure you will also need to know when it is time to accept help. It can be hard to sometimes recognise what help looks like. I often have to remind myself that help may not be in the form that I expect or want.

Another important point that I often have to reflect on is to ensure that I am not putting myself under excessive pressure and stress for long periods of time. As I tend to have high expectations for myself and I have an achievement focus I can place undue and unhealthy pressure on myself. If the pressure and stress is occurring over the long term then it is time to make some changes in your life.

This week, despite the pressure we have made progress, not just in the achievement of the immediate tasks at hand, but also in the development of systems and processes for the future. In summary, when it comes to challenging times, pressure and stress:

  • It is positive to have some stress in your life
  • It will stretch you and be uncomfortable
  • With the right attitude and approach you will learn, grow and develop
  • Recognise and accept help
  • Make changes in your life if there is excessive pressure over extended periods

About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. ” Let me not pray to be free from danger but to be fearless in facing them. ”
    Rabindrath Tagore

    There’s a lot to be said about stress, conflict, pressure, anxiety– with one of the most important ideas being that such things are a necessary factor in life. While some do their best to evade challenges, others welcome them.
    Personally, I choose to celebrate them- not in some form of masochistic delusion but in a way that accepts sadness, hardship, and fear, as hand in hand with happiness, pleasure, and courage. Its common to view them as polar opposites but they’re not. They are inseparable comrades to passion, sharing a mutual nemesis – indifference.

    “There is no day without night,” Camus said, and he absolutely killed it. So many times we are humbled by injuries or illness, but, it’s usually those times that we give the greatest appreciation towards being healthy.

    Cheers to every moment that demands heart and faith in GOD who gives us the spirit to carry it.


  2. The other aspect I like from that verse is that he will provide a way. It’s one of my favorites and I refer to it routinely.

  3. I look at pressure and feel gratitude because it means that I have thought and ideas that I want to accomplish to make my life and those I love better, and that means growth. Great article. Feels good to know others feel the same 🙂

    Peace & Light

  4. i have always thought that, under horrible circumstances, i would just fold and commit suicide having attempted that in my teens and early 20’s.
    2012 has been the worst year of my life. in February, out of the blue, my wife said she didn’t want to be married to me anymore, that she was miserable and fell out of love. I’ve had to move 5 times in the last year, either landlords selling the house i was renting, or landlords kicking me out so their own kid can move in. I’ve been homeless. lived in a fish house. Lived out of my car. lost a job. had car reposessed. dragged through divorce court. A couple family members die. a friend die. and a grandmother with colon cancer.
    i was always told that “God will never give you anything HE doesn’t think you can handle”. well, God must think i’m Chuck Norris.
    People ask me how i have managed throughout all the bad luck and hard trials i’ve face in the last year. How i can stand up straight and still laugh heartily. How i can still manage to crack a joke.
    I do it because i still have breath in my lungs. Because i have two daughters who believe in me and still think i’m a pretty cool dad. Because i have hope, that i will be stronger this year than last year. Because i will be needed someday, by someone…
    that’s how i’ve handled 2012. 2013 isn’t starting out the best either, but it will get better…with prayer, friends, and family…

    • You have been through a lot over the last year…. Though hard, I am sure you have learnt from it…. Hopefully you remain positive about the future and the experience will develop you further……

  5. “When under pressure and outside your comfort zone you will be in a position to learn, grow and develop…”

    Great news! That means I should be receiving my honorary Doctorate any day now! 🙂

  6. Whenever I’m stressed I try to keep the concept in my head that with every bad thing that happens, something good is bound to follow. That way I don’t focus on only the negative.

  7. Your post comes at just the right time for my family. As my husband put it “We’ve been married almost 18 years and have been together 20. It’s never been this bad before?” And he’s right. However, the saying isn’t “more than *we* can handle” because we can’t handle it on our own, it’s “more than *He* can handle”. If you’re a person of faith, stress and hard times are a way of bringing us back to Him.
    Stress and hard times do build us up to be stronger, just as exercise makes your body stronger. It also teaches us what’s really important and what’s worth stressing about. I no longer sweat the small stuff! 😉

    Excellent post!

    • So very true…. It many be more than we can handle, however there is help there from above…. Firstly we need to learn to accept the help and secondly we need to recognise it, as it may not be in the form that we would expect.

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    What a wonderful message by Attila here! Stress and pressure are clear part of everyone’s life. Yet, we handle stresses in different ways, different from the ways others might and different from how even we might in another situation. Knowing how to handle it, how to grow from it, and when to simply say, “Uncle!” is important for surviving and ending up stronger as a result.

  9. Thank you for these amazing words. I do believe in the positive side of working with a little pressure here and there, it keeps us active, and if your atitude is positive (and if you’re aware of that particular moment when you need to reach out for help) it becomes a good thing about your life. You can work your mind to extract only the benefits of any sort of situation (professionaly or even at the family enviroment).

    “Never get behind the table.” (that’s another quote I always keep on my mind) Never get too lazy or too comfortable about life. Just the enough.

    😉 Keep looking for positive ways to extract the best of yourself as a human being, and remember to always take care of your health.

    Those are my lessons from 2012 to keep up and improve on 2013. (and this post reminded me of them)

  10. Attila, your posts are great!!! Most of last year was pretty rough for me, and I too, learned and grew from it 🙂

  11. Great blog. I love your positive attitude Attila! As an Executive Assistant, being under pressure/in stressful situations is part of my daily routine as I tackle multiple competing priorities. Being under pressure is a great opportunity to test your leadership skills and call upon the successful relationships (teams) you build within an organisation. Not only does it offer you the opportunity to grow but also gives someone else a chance to showcase their skills. Having the courage to speak up to unrealistic deadlines and tapping into your emotional intelligence will also determine a positive outcome for all.

    • Sounds like your an awesome executive assistant… One of the most stressful positions in any company….. Having to handle just about anything. That said you seem to have the situation all under control with your people and organisation skills…. With a touch of confidence to top it off.

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    I loved this post by Attila. I am praying into many of his points

  13. i have been chewing on Bruce B. Millers statement “balance is unbiblical, impossible, and hurtful…[a better paradigm is to] find ways to harmonize with created and providential rhythms.” That seems to help explain why we just know that it is not healthy to put ourselves “under excessive pressure and stress for long periods of time.”

    • It is interesting Bruce B. Millers statement… It is true that anyone that has achieved something great has had to have a focus that impacts on the other parts of their life. As long as this focus is in line with their passion and life’s mission it can be rewarding, else the success will be an empty achievement.

  14. Attila, You should see my post from the same day, Ironic if you ask me. Funny how life interacts when people meet, Paths cross for a reason!
    Some stress is good. Too much is bad, I strive for just the right amount.

  15. I agree that some amount of stress is necessary in life. Also, there are some personality types that actually thrive on stress!!

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  16. Yes stress is part of life. I believe so. However sometimes can be overwhelming and when that happens I tell myself I’m strong . I can do this and move on. I have been through so much stress in the past ten years but life is too beautiful. I keep my focus on all the beautiful things that I am surrounded by. My children make my life so complete and beautiful. I have wonderful friends, I love my life no matter what. I believe in keeping a positive state of mind.
    I love to write about my thoughts, I believe passion is the key to everything.
    Attila I love your blogs .I am looking forward to read more.

    • Thank you for you kind words and thoughts. Being under excessive pressure for extended periods is unhealthy and needs to be addressed. However the world is so wonderful and focusing on the wonderful things in the world does make me smile.

  17. Thanks for the topic. I think you and I are going through some similar things–a new job with new, time-consuming responsibilities. I’m trying to learn as much as I can from the stress, as you are. My boss is great. He reminds me that perfection is not attainable, so daily progress is our goal. He emphasizes that I should not think too long about work; work is only work. He doesn’t want me to be under too much stress. He encourages me to think about my passions. I’m grateful to have him around, as I forget about my passions sometimes, if left to my own devices.

    • Sounds like you have a great boss with some great words of advice….. He is spot on with his advice, it must be great working in a place that has a high level of understanding a respect for their employees… Where do you work?

      • I’m very lucky. I work at Ecolab. I don’t know if my boss is typical of the company–I actually know him from school, so I know him from long before he started at Ecolab. Significantly, since he’s been at Ecolab, he’s been very successful. He’s proven that working reasonable hours and keeping your mind on things other than work can lead to success.

      • Wow…. He is so on track with great ways to operate. Bringing out the best in one’s staff through helping them achieve balance in their lives…

  18. Great post. May I reblog. I am committing many of these items to prayer.

  19. Thanks for the reminder.

  20. Thanks for reminding me about putting undo demands on myself.

  21. Those weeks are hard Attila, but we just need to kick the dust off our shoes and head back in the next week. And I agree with your quote 🙂

  22. Attila, Thanks for joining my blog journey. I look forward to reading more of your journey as well. I would like to share something that came immediately to my mind as I read your post above. Yes, stressful things in life stretch us, grow us, and make us stronger. I am thankful for everything as it all has made me who am today. This is something I wrote last year and wanted to share it with you. I hope you enjoy reading it. 🙂

    – Heather

  23. just like my friend say, “problems is art of life”

  24. oh yes!! that same phrase has been rolling around in my head as well for, well, almost a year now. you’re right about making a change but sometimes the change doesn’t happen when we want it. and, for me, there was finally a turning point yesterday such that while I wait for my change to occur, the stress diminished a bit, thank goodness!! thanks for the follow, and I just followed you as well. And thanks for this inspirational post too!! Have you seen this video(I hope the link works): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lmi9IBP209s

  25. Thanks for the post. Whenever the pressure feels like it’s going to be too much I always remind myself that “This too shall pass”.

    And they always do.

    • Very true…. I remember one time when out in the field with the army, I was a little worked up about stuff and I got some good advise from one of the more senior soldiers… “this will pass, we will be paid and the sun will rise in the morning”

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