Jump Right In


How many of you put your toes in the water before jumping in?
Do you jump right in the water?
Or do you enter the water very slowly?

In an uncertain environment we all behave in different ways. Some of us like to jump right in body and all and others take a more cautious approach. There are pluses and minuses each way. Neither way is fully right or fully wrong. Sounds like I am on the fence for this one….. That said we do need to consider some factors before taking either approach.

At the pool the other day, I dipped my toes, then hopped in and quickly ducked all the way, head and all. Though I got off to a slow start, tested the water temperature, I very quickly fully immersed myself in the water. The first stage of testing the water, dipping my toes, was a way to reduce risk. I first ensure the situation was safe and then when considered safe I fully went into the water.

So when approaching something new or change, how do you approach it? Jump straight in or take it slow….. Or do you initially take it slow and check for the risks before jumping in?

The advantage of the taking it slow is that you will be able see the risks, however the disadvantage is that you may miss the opportunity. By jumping right in you will be able to seize the opportunities, learning’s and you will have less time to panic. However jumping in too fast you may hit issues that could have been avoided with a little more time.

So is there a third way, a balance….. I think so. By reviewing the situation prior to jumping in and even developing a plan, you can reduce some of the risks of issues occurring when you jump in. While doing this assessment of the situation quickly you will be able to take advantage of the opportunities that lay ahead.

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  1. When I stand before a pool, I jump right in! I know there will be pain involved in the adjustment and I would rather face all the pain at once! I feel that if we look for the risks, we will see many, multiplying before our eyes. The minute we make a decision, rocks will immediately be thrown in our path. We can focus on the rocks and freak ourselves out, stopping us from moving forward, or we can jump and face life head on. Life is always about lessons, which we learn not through stagnation, but through going through new experiences. Just my thoughts. Thanks for your post!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts…. It is a very interesting topic and the I have enjoyed sharing the different views that people have about jumping right in. I like the way you talk about focus… What do we focus on…. Thank you for sharing.

  2. As theysay, jump right into lfe! There’s a song that can go with these thoughts…by jessica sanchez and apl deap of the black eyed peas…the song is simple but the words are so realistic…you can check t out here…http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pBufKE3MRwE

  3. Too funny, I just used this analogy in a post of mine on New Years day relating to my method of getting to know people. I put a poll on the post to find out what other people do. I would love for you to check it out and leave your comments or participate in the poll:



  4. Apparently, I am the sort of person who needs to understand how the ‘new thing’ fits into the bigger picture, and how my part in that will benefit me and others! And I don’t like change to be sudden either. Give me information and time then I am OK.
    Just learned that about myself in the last month.

  5. Very true

  6. I am a bit of both. sometimes excitement takes over and i dive right in, other times i think first

  7. I am a take it slow kind of person. I can’t swim so I always enter the water slowing. I love the comparison. 🙂

  8. I don’t jump in ANY water..and definatly will not put my head under, I used to when I was younger, but I don’t anymore, this water fear kicked in when I became a mother..I have heard the same thing can happen to horse riders..when younger they were fearless but becoming a mother changes something, so they become much more cautious, its like we have to stay around to look after our babies so our fear threshold kicks up a gear.
    I’m completely intuitive when it comes to trying new things..if it feels right I’m in!
    That has developed a lot more as I have grown in wisdom and experience that comes with life and aging I guess, because when younger I lacked in self confidence and self belief

    • It is true was we get older we can develop a heightened sensitivity to risk and adventure. That said I do not like cold water or having my head under the water, though I do it to get my whole body wet and then I am not bothered as much by splashes in the water.

      • I think I drowned on the Titanic in a past life..cause my fear of putting my head underwater quite literally takes my breath away, I’m ok in the shower..only just, but HA thats probably more than you needed to know
        *slinks back to my blog and hides*

      • lol…. All good. I am glad that you can have a shower and wash you hair, even if it is just….

  9. It all depends upon the situation, with regards to water…I ease in…I HATE COLD WATER! With regards to socialism and such I Just leap! I have the tendency to become your long lost best friend with only one toe in the water……

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