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A few weeks ago we were at the Hogs Breath Café in Woden and received really good customer service from the staff. It inspired me to write an article on Customer Service “What makes Good Customer Service?” In this article I go through five elements of customer service:

  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Timeliness
  • Quality Product or Service
  • The Environment

The staff from the restaurant were friendly and helpful. They were smiling and friendly from the start. They were very responsive and regularly check in with us to see if there is anything else that we required. Overall the staff provided an A1 level of customer service. The food was very good, cooked to order and we all enjoyed the food immensely. The food was also served in a quick time frame. Again the restaurant was ticking all the right boxes for customer service. The environment was also clean, neat and the atmosphere was pleasant for the event we were celebrating, my wife Kimy’s Birthday.

In the past I had a bad experience at a Hog’s Breath Café and did not really want to go back to Hog’s Breath. However Kim enjoys going to Hog’s Breath, so we went. The experience we had a few weeks ago at the Hog’s Breath Café was so good that it has reversed my opinion of Hog Breath’s Café and I look forward to my next visit.

What good Customer Service have you experienced?
What impact did the good Customer Service have on your perception of the organisation?
Will you be using the products and services of the organisation again?

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  1. …and this is why I respect frontliners who do their job with care and kindness — from telephone operators to bellmen to receptionists to cashiers to waiters to drivers…their care and concern go a long way. =>

  2. Very well said! In a world where most things are in abundance, customer service can and should make all the difference.

  3. The key to obtaining good customer service is taking the time both to recognize the employee’s efforts and to inform his/her boss that the employee exceeded your expectations. Unfortunately, most of us are far too eager to complain but unwilling to take the time to compliment. All of us need a little recognition – and if each of us took the time to compliment when it is appropriate, it would improve the quality of service that we receive.

  4. It’s much easier to spot bad service. Thanks for spotting some good service. Happy new year.

  5. I own my own Tearoom and Bistro in Wales ( right by the ocean) and customer service is essential..My girls know how to treat each and every customer even the difficult not so nice ones are treated beautifully. …if they are staying a while on holiday and become regulars, I find knowing even the smallest things, matters…remember their names, the way they like their coffee or what they ate yesterday and suggest a great alternative today, all these these little touches with a smile and a little chat make for great service and returning customers. a great post.

    • Sounds like you have awesome customer service in your business. The customer experience would be really high and as you said it will bring people back again and again. Well done in distilling a customer service culture into your team. This is something that requires intention and effort. Sounds like a great place to visit…. Hopefully one day we will get to that part of the world.

  6. doesn’t it just make our dining experience so more enjoyable when there is good customer service……..


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