Beautiful Christmas Lights

Last night we had a look at some of the Christmas lights that people have put up. Our focus was on the southern part of Canberra, where we live. It has become a bit of a tradition for us. Each year we tend to tour around and view the beautiful lights that people put up….. It is great to see the kids all excited by the lights and even the adults….

Here is the links to some of the Pictures and Videos:

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  1. This beautiful treat along with other Christmas posts earns a sweet blogging award which I will mention in my Sunday afternoon blog. Stop by for a treat.

  2. it has always been a tradition in my family to tour the christmas lights of whatever town we’re celebrating in. one house goes all the way every year, he even has his own radio broadcast to play along with his lights.

  3. There’s something about fireworks and sparkling lights that appeals to the child within us all.

    Great light display. {I shudder to think about the cost !)

  4. What a great blog site – an enjoyable experience!

  5. I cannot believe those fabulous Christmas lights! A great share

  6. Dear Attila,

    Wish you a Happy Christmas season! Thanks for sharing the nice pictures here!

  7. I love looking at Christmas lights also!

  8. very nice. thank you for showing us how it is done ‘down under’

  9. When my children were younger we would go out an look at the lights on the houses. I loved it. Sometimes we would walk and some times we would take the car. It was great quality time.

  10. Nice. Your moving around during the festivities of the Christmas reminds me how it is done in India during Diwali and Holi.

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