Our daughter, Angela, has a dog, a Labradoodle, called Sparkle. She has written a poem about Sparkle…..


By Angela Ovari

I have a loving dog

He is called Sparkle

He loves to jump in the fog

Sparkle is very playful

He has a very big bone

He hates to be Alone

When I get to my fun Home

He waits till I go to his home

He has way too many toys

My friends says oy oy oys

He loves to be happy

He is never sappy

About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. I love this poem very much. I will be quoting it for a long time.

  2. Woooo……so sweet!!! And the name is adding sparks to the poetry 😉 …. cute!

  3. thats really, impresive, Angela 🙂

  4. I love that you are so proud of your children and their achievements. Well done Angela!

  5. Dogs are special friends. What a good friend you are to write a poem about your dog!!

  6. Nice! And i love the name spaarkle!

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