When the day starts off wrong……

Have you ever had a day where everything seems to go wrong?
Have you let this get you down?
Did this lead to a downward spiral?

Well in the last few weeks I have had more than a few days that seemed to go wrong. There was the ending of my employment without another job to go to, there was Malware on three of the four websites that we run, the internet at home had problems which resulted in no internet most of the time and then over the last week we have had illness in the family including myself. There are two choices….. Will I wallow in the negatives or do I look to the opportunities?

I decided to seize the opportunities…. Do not get me wrong, I still was affected by the negatives that faced my life, however I moved on and looked for solutions. For each of the situations I developed a plan and also consider the worst case scenarios…. It can only get better from that. And the results….. The websites had the malware removed and had additional protection added, the internet is back up and running, I have a new job, we (my wife and I) are ready to launch the new branding for our business venture, Embrace Practice, and just about everyone in the household is well again.

Though there will always be challenges in our lives, one of the bonuses that I discovered from the last few weeks were that that I learnt so much. Being new to owning websites I did not know what or how to fix the malware problem. However through research, trial and error I was able to not just sort out the issues, but now I also have more knowledge and access to resources required for this process. All in all, by going through the challenges I am better for it.

It reminds me of the story of Victor Frankl. Victor was a Psychiatrist and a Jew during World War II. He was imprisoned by the Nazis. Victor came to release that he may not have control over everything that happens to you…. Let’s face it, being a Jew in a Nazi Prison Camp would have been very limiting. However, Victor came to realise that he could decide within himself how he was going to let this affect him.

Moving forward, what will your response be to negatives in your life?
How are you going to response to factors outside your control?
How will you let the things that go wrong affect you?


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About Attila Ovari

Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. It is so true what you are saying here. Want to thank you also for following my blog savorthefood.wordpress.com . I really like the things you write about on yours. Look forward to future posts.

    Thanks again for your time and consideration.

    Chef Randall

  2. I would also like to offer up a website, http://www.susankern.com. She has a blog topic about “Stress and Our Thoughts” it is a very insightful and related article that may be of interest to others who can relate to this post.

  3. Finding inspiration to keep ourselves going during hard times can be difficult. A plan might not always be immediately obvious, but it is important that we persevere. I agree that there will always be challenges, and that those challenges provide the opportunity for us to learn new and important things. Sometimes picking oneself up after being struck down is the greatest show of strength and human will. I personally am also working hard to pick myself back up from uncertainty, it has not been easy especially when the struggle is within the self. Following our dreams often requires a giant leap of faith into the unknown and can be frightening. But as was pointed out there is always a solution we know where to look and sometimes a little inspiration from family and friends can prove powerful.

  4. Great article. I agree, we should look to the solutions, not the problems.

  5. No matter how horrible a day can be, there is always joy in every day. Usually, I keep a positive attitude but yesterday, I was at the store feeling grumpy about all the noise and the commotion of the holiday season. Then I saw a man with his crippled son in a wheelchair.

    I immediately felt ashamed for feeling grumpy and chose to focus on deep gratefulness for working legs. The young man and his father were cheerfully talking with each other, the father clearly loving and supportive…so inspiring. I applaud that young man’s and his father’s positive attitude!

  6. Very inspirational. I’m trying to pull myself out of a negative mindset to cope with the unexpected problems, so it is nice to read about other people handling problems with a positive mindset.

  7. I think we have all had these days here and there. I just pray God gets me through it and carry hope for a new day tomorrow

  8. Attila…

    What a wonderfully inspiring story. Thanks so much for sharing. Best wishes for continued success with your new venture!


  9. Great advice! Thank you for the reminder.

  10. Things go wrong all the time, you just have to be positive and to believe that everything is going to end good.

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