4 Squadron a Year in Review

This weekend has been the final parade card activity for 2012 for the Army Reserve Squadron that I belong too. It has been a busy weekend for myself with everything happening in my life, however it was good to catch up with the soldiers for a social function on the Saturday night and a parade on the Sunday.

As I was approached to give a speech to the members at the social function, I looked back at what we had achieved and was very proud of the outcomes. Throughout the year we have focussed on quality training and achieved this in the areas of search training, leadership and the conduct of the boat course. These activities have all contributed to the capability development within the Squadron.

Our capability was also used throughout the year as we provide individuals and Sections to operations both in Australia and overseas. Our training in Australia directly impacts overseas operations and also our capability to support the Australian Community in times of disaster.

Our administration processes have been streamlined and we have developed documented business processes for the common tasks. The business processes and the tracking systems have improved the administrative outcomes of the Squadron. Another area of success has been recruitment. Once again we have met our recruitment targets and in addition have recruited specialist roles which we have been lacking for a number of years.

Bottom line we have a great team that though they are part time, they operate in a professional manner that take their roles seriously. The members apply themselves in training and also in operations for which we can all be proud. On parade today it was great to see members promoted, farewelled to other postings and also transferring into the permanent forces.

As we approach the end of the year, what is it that you are proud of?

What has your team achieved in 2012?

How are you going to share and celebrate your team’s successes?

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