Farewell to BCS

Yesterday was the last day that I worked at Belconnen Community Services (BCS). Over the last fortnight it has been an emotion time in leaving. I have grown fond of the Children’s programs and the people that I worked with. The team of Directors and myself had bonded into a great team. So it was hard to say “goodbye”.

It is quite often hard to say “Goodbye” and I would rather say “see you later”. I think that this is because we would not like to lose contact with people that we have built a connection with. Though it is true in moving jobs, locations or social groups, one may lose contact with some people. It is also true that many times people’s paths will cross again.


Have you ever lost contact with people and then out of the blue, met up again?

What have you done to ensure that you maintain contact with people from a previous workplace, location or social group?


Though the thought of losing contact with people that we have built a connection with is hard enough, there is also another reason that I was sad to leave BCS. That is the lost opportunities for the work we do. In 15 months we had achieved a lot as a team and there was so much still in the pipeline. It is sad to be leaving before it is all implemented. Hopefully the good work will continue into the future.


Have you ever had to leave a project before it is finished?

How did it feel to leave the project part way through?

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  1. I just left a job where I’d been for 8 years. Excited for new opportunity but I will miss the co-workers I bonded with while there. I already know that I will in-person lose touch with them because life goes on and my circle of friends keeps growing. iam a writer though and I know that even if they don’t write to me, I will send them encouraging notes and email several times a year. It’s my way of letting go of the past, but keeping the good parts of it in my present.

  2. I am so thankful for social networking. It really helps in keeping in touch with people. It’s easy to say that you’ll meet up for a dinner or whatnot but then it when it comes time to get together things happen. Thankfully with Facebook and Twitter, you are able to keep in touch and at least maintain relationships in that manner until the timing works. I’m lucky though that in my industry, either people leave in clusters, or they don’t leave. It’s exciting to be able to move forward though sometimes and create a new experience as well as something to share with new people sometimes. Best of Luck!

  3. Best of luck in any new endeavor. On the basis of my own experience, I recomment staying in touch with old work friends and seeking out new friends.

  4. I too have found it difficult to say Goodbye. The hope is that you will see people again in the future. Fortunately for me in the Therapist world, chances are good that I will see people again or refer my clients to the other services. I am thankful for all the social media outlets out there that at least help us all stay in touch. There’s always the hope that the good work you started will carry on after you leave. I say just have faith that this is occurring and look at your new opportunities as another way to help.

  5. I have come to it that there is always unfinished work. Perhaps that is the hardest part of the letting go process.

  6. Solemn sentiments spoken out so wonderfully. Wish you all the best in days to come.

  7. I’m really bad at keeping in touch. But I have learned that it is a small world, especially in the military subcontractor world. I continually bump into people from my past. Now you can move on to a new chapter in your life and a new adventure. 🙂

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