It is the people that make a place…

Today I returned to the Red Cross Blood Bank to make a donation of Plasma. It has been three months since my last donation due to my operation and travels to Timor Leste. As I walked into the Blood bank I noticed that the place had just about completed a complete revamp. It had a nice corporate look to it. One could tell that it was in line with a corporate branding strategy.

Though the refit of the Blood Bank was a fresh new look and had created more space for the service, I was a little uncomfortable in strange surroundings initially. It also initially felt a little clinical. However with all that said I was very impressed with the space that had been created and I think that the new layout is a great idea.

However at the end of the day it was not the layout or the place that makes the service. It is the people. The staff at the Red Cross Blood Bank are friendly, helpful and always with a smile. Each time I look forward to my trips to the blood bank to donate, as it is truly the people that make a place, not just the way it looks.

What are your thoughts….. Is there anything more important than the people in an organisation?

How do you ensure that your people are valued, so in turn they can value your clients?

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  1. It is definitely the people that make the organization. Especially if it is an organization that has a great purpose and the people are enthused to work there.

  2. I too donate blood, I am of a rare breed but not the rarest. I go to certain places, doctors, or to donate blood because of the people.

  3. You are so right it is the people!

  4. I have never been able to donate blood, but my brother used to enjoy giving this gift years ago


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