Anna’s Lesson on Listening


Our youngest Anna likes to talk. Though there is nothing wrong with liking to talk, taken to the extreme it is very annoying. Anna has a tendency to cut people off and talk over people. So we have been having a discussion about Listening.

First lesson is that we have one mouth and two ears. This is a great reminder that we should be listening more than we talk. Listening is more than just hearing. Hearing is about the physically being aware that there is noise going on. Listening is about actively listening. Active listening is about hearing and understanding the message. This takes more than just your ears. It takes a whole of body and mind to actively listen.

Anna today summed it up as:
1. Listen more than talk
2. Listen with all your body
3. Make eye contact

Though not a comprehensive list it is a great list to start with. What else would you add to the list for active listening?

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  1. Great post! I have slight listening issues at times as well. My issue is that I intrupt slightly, only because although I am listening to a person, I am also thinking of what my response will be and I tend to intrupt them by getting out my response before I forget. Bad, but I must say I have improved since I realized what I was doing and how annoying it was becoming to others. Anna will get it as well, as soon as no one bothers to listen to her…LOL!

  2. Atilla – great post! Our Mr.F (6) is a great talker but the temptation to chatter and interrupt is a difficult one to curb! Two ears and one mouth – I like it :} T+B

  3. My oldest is ADD/ADHD and talks non-stop all day long. She isn’t rude but she has a lot to say and I don’t so I really don’t mind listening. I think some times kids are shut off too quickly. I would add to the list cues of people losing interest of becoming annoyed. I won’t tell my daughter she can’t talk or how much she can, but I have taught her cues. Another thing I do with my daughter is tell her when her “spirit” is overwhelming me a bit.

  4. I really liked your post about your daughter listening. I have said the same thing to my foster son, who when he remembers will say I know I have two ears for listening. A great lesson. Thank you for following my blog – communication is such an important subject.

  5. I just did a presentation to physicians on active listening last week. Big point was that they need to let their patients finishing telling them what is wrong before jumping in. Our mind can process words much faster that we can speak so we become bored and distracted easy. Active listening take work and patience. It is a great thing that you are teaching Anna at such a young age.

  6. lessons, lessons, even as we grow old and die, there are still lessons to learn………

  7. That lesson should be taught to most adults I know. 🙂 How did your daughter receive the message? I am sending this one out to my Facebook friends. 🙂

    • Anna has taken the message well, though I think it will be a little time yet and many more reminders before it will become a habit for her. At least now I just have to point to my ear and she knows that means it is time to listen.

  8. Well said on art of living.

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