How are you Treated?

This morning I had a chat with my children about how we treat others is the way that we are treated. In the bible it talks about “Do unto others as you would have do unto to you.” So I asked the children some simple questions:

Have you ever noticed how when you are mood or rude to people then it seems that the world is moody and rude to you?
Or when you are happy, positive and helpful, people tend to return the favour?

So how can we treat others better? There are some simple ideas that you can implement to treat people better, these can be found in the Article “Treat Others the Way you want to be Treated”.


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  1. Wonderful piece! I enjoyed reading it and it is definitely something we all should strive to live by. Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoyed the content.

  2. Hi Attila, great article the “golden rule” is universal we all need to use it with every encounter we have and the world would be such a great place. Have a wonderful weekend

  3. The school I teach at has a values education program that focuses somewhat on how our behaviour affects others and how they perceive us. It’s rewarding when I see the children putting this into practice.

  4. Indeed simple and effective way. More often than not we forget that life is a complete circle and we can not get away. Our dishonesty our bad feelings will always come and haunt us. I am so happy to see that you are raising your kids well. Hope every parents do that and emulate that behavior too in their lives.

  5. It is an important lesson. I think we get so busy in life that we don’t notice things around us. As recent as 5 days ago, the Lord sent me on Angel’s wings to bring my husband’s mother home for what we knew was permanent but with a bout of illness that may be awhile before it became serious. What we received instead was a big surprise. She have multi-affected systems infiltrated with Cancer and is deteriorating very rapidly. Our children are witnessing many things but among them – how we treat other’s truly matters -from nursing care to nursing staff to how we interact with mom and them.

    Kudos to spreading the word of kindness.

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