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Though may be a little early to be talking about Christmas, the shops have already started displaying the wares of Christmas. On the weekend we headed down to Bredbo to visit the Christmas Barn. Though I have driven past the Christmas Barn many, many, many times, I have never been in there before. It is a shop full of Christmas decorations about 40 minutes south of Canberra.

Although I am not a very festive type of person, I really enjoyed the Christmas Barn. This is not because of all the things you could buy, but more the feel of the place. It was the “Spirit of Christmas”. It was the Christmas music that brings a smile to your face. It was the joy in store. It was the beautifully crafted decorations that brought up the traditional sense of Christmas. You know…. The Christmas before it became so commercialised.

So what is the spirit of Christmas? I think Christmas is about
– the birth of Jesus Christ
– family
– friends
– sharing time with others
– reflecting on the year that had been
– joy
– happiness

Yes. I do think that the commercialisation of Christmas has brought the material side of Christmas forward and there are many issues with due to that. However I do believe that Christmas is about the “Spirit of Christmas”. And the “Spirit of Christmas” is great at any time of year.

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  1. Oh I am so ready for the holidays:) I love that all the decorations are out, the music should follow soon. This looks like a great place. If I were closer I’d def visit.

  2. My parents were there just a couple of weeks ago. Until then I’d never heard of Bredbo. My mother loved the Christmas Barn.

  3. i have always tried to figure out exactly what makes us lose our spirit of Christmas, once it has passed? is the materialism of it exciting, the gifts, food, or family and friends? what ever the reason, i wish we all could hang onto it just a little bit each day

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