Introduction to Communications

“The transfer or conveying of a message or feeling in any form to the other people”.

Based on the definition above all of us communicate every day for most of the day. In fact we communicate for 80% of the working day of which 60% of the time we are listening. The means that 20% of the conversations are not received correctly. This communication can be in the form of audio, visual or a combination of both. The reasons that we communicate include for work and for pleasure. In order to lead others effective communication is important. Communication is used to convey a message, deliver instructions or build relationships.

“We are born with one mouth and two ears- use them in that proportion” John F Kennedy

Imagine someone who is sitting on the couch with their arms crossed tells you “I am excited” in a low volume and slow pitch. Do you really think that this person is really excited?

For the full article see Communication Basics

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