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Over the weekend of the 24-26 August 2012, Scouts Australia held it’s annual International Conference in Canberra. This Conference brings together members of International Scouting from all states in Australia. The topics covered include key issues and opportunities for developing the International Scouting program for Scouts across Australia. The annual Conference is also a great opportunity to develop the teambuilding and bonding of the international teams across Australia.

The weekend was jammed pack full of functions, meetings, workshops and informal conversations. This year the functions included dinner at the Japanese Ambassador to Australia’s Residence, Dinner at the Crown Plaza with the USA Ambassador to Australia and Bede Tongs. We had guest presentations from Dan Ryan, Australia’s UN Youth Representative and Marie Allies de Gavini a Venturer Leader form France and current intern to the Scouts Australia International Office. Other presentations included from Scouting in Vanuatu. The Venue used for the conference was the Shakespeare Centre for Scouting at Camp Cottermouth. This venue was a professional venue for accommodation, catering and conference facilities.

The Branch International Commissioners had great discussions on the relationship of their roles with the Scouts Australia International Office, communications and the supports required by the National Office. The Contingent Leaders for various future Scouts Australia Contingent s to international events had great conversation around the policy and procedures of international events and also reviewed the Contingent Leaders Handbook.

All in all the conference was great to bring together key players in the International Scouting programs across Australia. The teamwork, cooperation and collaboration were great to be part of. The future for International Scouting is only going to be brighter for it. I look forward to next year’s Conference.

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  1. Scouting is such a good program. I did not know they had scouts in Austrailia. That is awesome. My some was a scout when he was small. It think it is the same basically as the US. Am I correct or is this different? 🙂

    • Thank you for the comment. Scouting is actually a very large international youth movement. in Australia ad in most countries Scouts are coed. Scouting is great fun and an awesome organisation for young people.

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