Word of the Day – Embuggerance

I had been for years using the word “embuggerance”, not realising that it is not a word in common public circulation. It was only when my lovely wife, Kim, told me that she had never heard of the word last year that I looked into it. When I looked up the word I found it to be a Military term. However I thought it was such a useful word that I am sharing the word with you all.

The Wiktionary definition is (English, Noun):

embuggerance (plural embuggerances) (UK, military, slang) Any obstacle (natural or artificial) that gets in the way of progress.



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  1. Beverley Burgess Bell

    Love new words and ’embuggerance’ certainly is a new one – to me. Now the trick will be to use it in everyday conversation.

  2. The first time I heard the word embuggerance was when Terry Pratchet was describing his Alzheimers.

    He originally posted it here. No clue where he got it from.

  3. Interesting word. I never heard or used it during my military career. Maybe that’s why I never made General.Eembuggerance was indeed an unknown obstacle for me.

    BTW thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it very much.

  4. Great word. It can be used in so many circumstances…thank you!

  5. Thanks for the “new” word…

    We always said “we were having a beano” and people told me that “beano” was not a word!!! (found in the complete Colins Dictionary)

    It is old English – Derived from the bean festival; they called the celebration/party after the harvest “having a beano” 😛

  6. i like its definition, and i like the way it rolls of the tongue with authority!!!

  7. Hi Attila, I think this is a great word and I too have never heard it before. I plan to blog on it and will link back to your blog for the reference. Have a great day!

  8. I love learning new things. I hope I can say the word right. 🙂

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