Time at home with Sick Children

A couple of weeks ago I got home from work after taking my son to the dentist on the Monday to find my youngest was not well. The way we knew that she was not well was because she was quietly lying on the couch. Everyone that knows Anna knows that she is anything but quiet and inactive. At the time of night that it was there was no medical centre open with an appointment available.

So after a trip to CALMS at the Canberra Hospital and being advised that she will take about six days to recover…… What do you do? Normally I would have tried to work out how to go to work. However this time something told me to do the Daddy thing and stay home to look after Anna.

Initially, I was not keen to take four days off work without notice as I fell into the “work needs me” trap. I am happy to say that work did not need me, it can function without me. I must admit that I have used many of the hints and tips that I outlined in my article on Trust Your Team (found on www.ovari.biz).

I did send out an email on my first day of leave advising my boss, which included my leave documentation. I also emailed my direct reports and let them know and outlined anything key that I needed to tell them. Finally I went through my diary to advise people I was meeting with that I will be an apology. Then I was all good to take care of my daughter.

One of the benefits from the four days off; was that my stress levels dropped. Once I emailed the boss, direct reports and people I had meetings with, I was able to actually remove myself mentally from the workplace. Though I normally struggle with turning off from work, on this occasion I was able to and it was good for the soul.

So after a week of caring for my daughter, I returned to work. I was very anxious going in that first day to what awaited me. I was fortunate that I had no meetings that first day and was able to focus on catching up. It worked out that my fears were unfounded. I had such a clear head that first day.

That first day was one of my most productive days in the office in months. In reality I achieved so much. I also discovered how good a team I had and how they maintained to do everything in my absence. So productivity was up….. Yes, I did miss some deadlines, but looking back I got everything done and the deadlines were not that key.

So all in all I was able to prioritise the family and still have things at work progressing well. I am thankful that over the last ten months I have trusted my team, built systems and empowered my staff, so that work does not stop when I am not around.

So does a Life-Work Balance really exist?

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Attila Ovari is an Entrepreneur that loves life and is passionate about adventure. Attila Ovari writes, speaks and coaches to inspire others to better themselves through following their passions and chasing their dreams. He has developed his passions of inspiration, leadership and strategy into strengths through his businesses and community pursuits.

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  1. I enjoyed your post very much Attila, work and home live is tough to balance and depending on what type of work you do it can be real tough. I love that your team stepped up and helped out why you were out. This is what we do for each other in our office. No one likes to come back to work with a pile waiting. Sounds like you work with some great people.

  2. For me I have a struggle with letting my work consume me. It be like some days I’m so busy I don’t even have time to do any household things let alone enjoy my children. Taking time off can be really refreshing! Awesome post Attila!

  3. I always have the same experience when I get back vacation…a few days of great clarity and productivity. I love the higher perspective it brings to take time off.

  4. that is awesome that your work is very team orientated, because your family is always more important than any job, and i wish the economy could allow people to realize this

  5. I think when you empower your staff to “take care of business,” assuming you’ve made wise hiring decisions, they will do just that. Same thing at home — if your spouse, other children and caregivers feel that they have your confidence, good things will happen. Maybe not balance, but most days I’ll settle for controlled chaos.

    • Very true….. You need to have the right people involved in the process. I find it difficult to get a balance. However I do bounce back and forth with the balance somewhere in the middle

  6. Congrats…To quote the Lion King…You now know “The true Circle of Life” The true balance in the jungle and the home…Namaste

  7. I learned that balance along time ago. I only get a short amount of time to spend with my family these days. You best believe I am not going to do a lick of work. Not because I am not dedicated to my job, but because I am dedicated to my family first. I liked your article. I hope your baby is feeling better.

  8. This is really fantastic to read. It is sad more men like yourself do not realise these very valuable lessons and have fallen into traps with their families. I think your family must be very lucky to have such a great dad.

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