Children, Money and Shopping

Today I was so proud of my children. We went out shopping for a number of items we need around the house. As three of the children have had their birthdays last month, they had some birthday money. Each of them had some items they wished to purchase. As you will see from the article listed below each of the children have their own debt cards.

It has taken a couple of months for them to adjust to using their cards and not ask us to buy things for them. However they are now quite proficient with the use of Debt Cards t. Today, my youngest went through the process with ease with me watching from the distance. She even covered up the keypad as she typed her pin number. As you can see from the photo below she was so proud.

I have written an article on the way we manage the Children with their money, called “Children and Money

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  1. Both of my kids set up bank accounts 3 years ago and we haven’t touched them since! Time to get that debit card activated. Sweet photo of your daughter with her receipt. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, it is really only as the kids started using the debit cards that they released that they are in control of their money and would stop asking me to buy them things

  2. Thanks for writing this. I enjoyed it very much. My children are teenagers and I was just thinking about getting them debit to carry with them. I saw a few that I was considering. ~.- Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks for the comment. My children are a little younger. What I like about the debt card is that they can only use it if there is money in the account. My kids have got use to using them and know if they forget the card then they can not buy things….. Good lessons for all

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